Full customer service in robotics application is company’s main target.
Company is certificated integrator of FANUC Robotics Czech s.r.o.
Thanks to robot range FANUC fulfil requires of variety industrial applications. More than 200 000 FANUC robots work all around the world every single day. FANUCoffers wide range of robot software options and offline PC programs for better reliability and quality.

Car producers and dealers and specialists in engineering and food industryuse yellow robotsin their strategy for automatic production.

FANUC is the number one in the automatic and industrial robotic market.

FANUC develops high-tech product with characteristic such as“intelligence“,“super-accuracy“and“highest functionality“, which at the same time fulfil base company strategy - “highest reliability“ in the product development. One third of Japanese FANUC employees works in R&D for FANUC products.

All FANUC products are developed and produced in Japan. That works thanks to fully automatic and robotic production lines.

FANUC use wide range of robots in own production activities. with more den 1000 robots, which work in FANUC factories. Company FANUC installed high intelligent robots too, for better effectivity of production processes and assembly, and support increasing of technical and financial advantages of advanced automation in FANUC factories.
FANUC effectively make advantage of own wide experiences in using own high-tech product in production plants and confirm that automation and robotic brings high efficiency and cost reduction into the production.

FANUC offers:

  • Various robots with wrist load from 2 to 1200 kg (handling with  products, spot welding, cutting, polishing…)
  • Palletizing, packaging, robot for pick& place application  (including food industry)
  • Welding robots and positioners
  • Painting
  • Off-line software FANUC Roboguide
  • Application software
  • Software options according to application

We have successfully installed many robotic systems in various producers

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ARC-Robotics s.r.o. - robotic and automation

ARC-Robotics based in  Pilsen provides complex customer services in process robotic and automation. It specializes for project, construct maintenance and integration of industrial robots. 
  • experiences and know-how in the area of application software and drivers for FANUC robots design
  • flexibility and face-to-face attitude  to customer requests
  • top knowledge in the area of robotic work cells installation, programming of  palletizing, handling, welding, cutting and other technologies.
ARC-Robotics s.r.o.
Obchodní 1279/1, 301 00, Plzeň
VAT nu.: CZ29123372
+420 371 004 531